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NatalSat offers the best and professional DStv Installations and Repair services in Pinetown. More so, our DStv Installers in Pinetown are well trained and accredited to perform all types of DStv Installations

Reliable DStv Installers

We commit to provide superior DStv Installation and Repair services built on excellent workmanship. All our DStv Installers in Pinetown are certified and regularly trained so that they always implement the latest technologies in setting up your DStv. In a matter of fact, our installers are reliable and offers a great guaranteed services

In addition, our technicians are available everyday of the week and even on public holidays to assist you. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime if you need assistance with your signal problem or any DStv Installation services.

Our DStv Installation Services In Pinetown

Down bellow is a list of our range of DStv Installation Services that we offer in Pinetown Areas

  • DStv Explora Decoder And Standard HD Decoder Installation
  • DStv Extra View Installation
  • Additional TV Points Installation
  • DStv No Signal Troubleshooting and Repair services
  • Communal DStv installations and Repairs
  • DStv Commercial Installations and Repairs
  • Surround Sound Setup and Configurations
  • Satellite Dish Alignment
  • DStv System Takedown and Relocations
  • TV/Projector/Decoder/Sound bar Mounting
  • Old or Rusted Satellite Dish Replacements
  • Single/Twin/Quad/Smart LNB Replacement.
  • Cable Replacement
  • OVHD and Starsat Installations
DStv Explora and Satellite Dish Kit

DStv Explora And HD Decoder Installation

If you recently bought a new DStv Decoder, or you want your decoder to be installed on a new house, or you want to reconnect your decoder. Whether it’s a DStv Explora or Standard HD Decoder, our technicians are always ready to assist you with the best possible installation solution

DStv Extra View Installation In Pinetown

Extra View Setup allows you to install 2 or 3 decoders under the same subscription. This is the smartest way designed to keep every family member happy. It means a father can watch his sports while the wife is watching her favorite tv shows and the kids watching their cartoons in separate rooms at the same time.

The installation is done in so many ways depending on the types of DStv decoders you have or the architecture of your house. Therefore we recommend you to use our accredited installers in Pinetown.

TV Wall Mounting Services

Let our professionals help you with mounting your TV set on the wall and avoid any damages associated with TV mounting. More so, our technicians can help you with professional advice on where or the ideal position to put your precious TV even if you have limited space in your room.

DStv Communal Installations

We have a team of experts in DStv Communal Installations with more than half a decade of combined experience. Our technicians can perform all types of communal installations, repairs and maintenance services. More so, we supply high quality installation equipment that comes with a great warranty.

Signal Problem Repair Services

Loss of signal is caused by various things such as fault LNB, dish out of alignment, faulty cable, wrong installation, bad weather, etc. Our technicians are always equipped with the right tools and equipment to diagnose and fix your signal problem. Don’t miss out on your favorite shows.

Surround Sound Setup And Configuration

We can help you to install your surround sound system to your TV set and other devices such as decoders, xbox, play station, etc. So that you can enjoy your music, movies and game quality sound

Open View HD Installations

Open View HD (OVHD) Decoder offers about 21 Free HD TV channels and 28 Radio channels. You can now watch TV without paying monthly subscriptions. Why not pay once for the installation and the decoder and enjoy non-stop free TV viewing. Contact us now to install your OVHD

DStv Commercial Installations

Our DStv installers are dedicated to provide you with ultimate DStv Commercial Installations And Repair Services. We perform all types of large TV distribution networks in commercial space such as Hotels, Guest Houses, Lodges, Restaurants, Corporate Offices and Retail Outlets.

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Why Choose Our DStv Installers Pinetown

Quality – We believe that delivering quality services builds up long term business relationships with our clients. Therefore, we strive to meet all our customer’s expectations. 

 Trust – Our DStv Installers in Pinetown are passionate about leaving a good reputation for excellent service, so our clients trust us for open and honest business relationships.

Support – We offer 24/7 Customer Care Call Support. More so, we deliver ongoing technical support and after sales services to our clients 

Fast – We provide Same Day Services and fast turnaround time to our clients. In addition, we schedule appointments according to customer’s availability.

About Our Company

NatalSat is a South African Company specializing in installations of Satellite Services such as DStv, OVHD, and Starsat. Furthermore, installations of TV sets, TV entertainment equipment, and Cables.

We serve all residential homes, communal complexes and commercial space such as hotels and guest houses. 

Providing the most modern entertainment solutions that brings total satisfaction to our customers is our number one priority

Our Story

Smart Installers With Smart Installation Ideas

Whether you want a new installation, you lost signal, you want a quote, or you want to ask a question. Talk to us, we are here to help

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