DStv Installers In Sherwood

As DStv Installers experts in Sherwood, we can help you correctly set up your satellite signals. Simply get in touch with us to arrange for one of our DStv Installers near you to come and assist you.

Professional DStv Installers Sherwood

We specialize in installations of Satellite Services such as DStv, OVHD, and Starsat. Furthermore, installations of TV sets, TV entertainment equipment, and Cables.

We serve all residential homes, communal complexes and commercial space such as hotels and guest houses. 

Providing the most modern entertainment solutions that brings total satisfaction to our customers is our number one priority

Our DStv Installation Services In Sherwood

Down bellow is a list of our range of DStv Installations And Repairs Service in Sherwood that we offer:

  1. DStv Explora Decoder And Standard HD Decoder Installation
  2. DStv Extra View Installation
  3. Additional TV Points Installation
  4. DStv No Signal Troubleshooting and Repair services
  5. Communal DStv installations and Repairs
  6. DStv Commercial Installations and Repairs
  7. Surround Sound Setup and Configurations
  8. Satellite Dish Alignment
  9. DStv System Takedown and Relocations
  10. TV/Projector/Decoder/Sound bar Mounting
  11. Old or Rusted Satellite Dish Replacements
  12. Single/Twin/Quad/Smart LNB Replacement.
  13. Cable Replacement
  14. OVHD and Starsat Installations
DStv Installers - DStv Explora Decoder Installation - Natalsat

DStv Decoder Installation

Did you buy a new DStv Decoder? Our Accredited DStv Installers in Sherwood will help you to connect your decoder the right way. In fact, our installers move around with all necessary equipment required to install your DStv decoder.   

 Even if you moved to a new house, or you want to reconnect your decoder. Everything will be set up to standard, so no need to worry.

Whether it’s a DStv Explora or DStv HD Decoder, we are always on standby to assist you.

DStv Installers - DStv Extra View Installation

DStv Extra View Installation

It is now a thing of the past to fight with family over a remote. Extra View Installation allows you to install 2 or 3 decoders under the same subscription. 

This is the smartest way designed to keep every family member happy. It means a father can watch his sports while the wife is watching her favourite tv shows and the kids watching their cartoons in separate rooms at the same time.

By always staying up to date with this technology, our DStv Accredited Installers in Sherwood can set up your DStv Extra View in no time. Then making sure you won’t be billed twice on your monthly subscription. 

TV Mounting Services

Did you just realize that your Smart TV or your Flat Screen HD TV would look much better mounted on your wall than sitting on a table? Don’t worry – NatalSat is here to take care of things for you. Hence stop worrying and let our professionals install your TV securely, just the way you want it.

Whether you want a fixed flash mount, a tilting mount, or a full-motion swivel mount. We can match you with the proper equipment to get that shiny new flat screen up on your wall.

With years of combined experience, our professional technicians have installed and mounted hundreds if not thousands of TVs to our customers. More so, leaving them overwhelmingly happy and satisfied. Our professionals have established a level of expertise that is simply unparalleled among our competitors.

DStv Signal Repairs

To receive a clear, uninterrupted signal, your satellite dish must have the correct horizontal and vertical dish alignment. Therefore when the satellite dish is out of alignment by a very few inches or degrees, it causes your DStv to lose signal.

In most parts of Durban, poor signal is mainly caused by bad weather such as heavy rains. However, other factors like faulty LNBs, worn out cables, trees in front of your satellite dish, and rust also cause poor signals in most areas as well.

We highly recommend using industry certified steel or aluminium dish kits. Also note that we stock satellite dish kits and LNBs that we sell at reasonable prices.

Our DStv Installers in Sherwood are passionate to provide sustainable signal problem solutions. Therefore, schedule your appointment now, we offer same day services.

New Open View HD Decoder. OpenView (OVHD) Installation

Open View HD Installations

Open View HD (OVHD) Decoder offers about 21 Free HD TV channels and 28 Radio channels. Which means you can now watch TV without paying monthly subscriptions. Why not pay once for the installation and the decoder and enjoy non-stop free TV viewing. Contact us now to install your OVHD

Why Book Our DStv Installers in Sherwood?

We commit to provide superior DStv Installation and Repair services built on excellent workmanship. All our DStv installers in Sherwood are certified and regularly trained so that they always implement the latest technologies in setting up your DStv. In fact, our installers are reliable and offer great guaranteed services.

In Addition, Our technicians will:

  • Ensure safety and protection of your products and premises.
  • Schedule appointments to best suit your convenient time.
  • Clean up and remove any packaging. So, you can sit back and relax when your install is complete.
  • Provide you with a professional and reliable service.
  • Give you a step-by-step guide or simple tutorial on key features of your system.
  • Dismount your old equipment, if needed.
  • Connect any required external devices.
  • Bring the correct tools and drills for your job

Please note, our technicians are available everyday of the week and even on public holidays to assist you. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime if you need assistance with your signal problem or any DStv Installation services.


Customized Services Offered Upon Your DStv Installation

Customize your TV space just the way you want it. Our technicians have experience with all types of mounting surfaces. Whether your wall is wood, plaster, drywall, brick, or even concrete, our pros will be able to mount your satellite dish and your TV without any problem. Just be sure to let us know the details prior to your installation services.

Cable Hiding

Cable hiding includes hiding of power, antenna and HDMI cables. Most walls in South Africa are brick walls and not usually suitable for hiding cables behind the wall. Therefore, our solution is to install a trunking that is paintable for a more seamless finish. 

The power point position and TV power cable length may mean that you may require an extension cable. Your technician will assess this on the day.

TV Wall Mounting and Sound bar setup. DStv Installers Near You

Sound bar Setup On Cabinet Or Wall Mounted

We can unbox and set up your new sound bar on your cabinet or wall mount it with your TV. We can also connect it to your new TV and Wi-Fi, depending on your model, so your new viewing experience will sound at its best.

Media device setup

We can set up and connect your media streaming devices (e.g. Apple TV, Chromecast, Fetch Box, Fire Stick, Blu-Ray, PVR decoder) to your new TV and Wi-Fi or Ethernet. This includes connecting to your DStv decoder(s) and your existing streaming service

Smart DStv Installers In Sherwood With Smart Installation Ideas

Whether you want a new installation, you lost signal, you want a quote, or you want to ask a question. Talk to us, we are here to help

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